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Electric Car Arrives in Malawi!

It's not every day that I find a car parked right outside my door. I was delighted and surprised at this red beauty, and on closer inspection, I realised that it was electric! Completely chargeable, no fuel tank, 100% eco-friendly. I applauded the owner as an example to all enviro-conscious citizens of the world (he was not available for an interview. I was told he had gone on a lollipop run). Here are the specs on the new model: It's a 4x4 roofless convertible, perfect for your open air adventures. Not the greatest for foul weather days, but I'm sure you would rather be in bed with a hot cup of coco made by Mommy anyway. It has adapted the Mini Cooper/Smart Car approach to saving space - and as you can see, it can park virtually anywhere, including the veranda. It's an automatic, so it's quite simple to drive with no pedals, but rather a button at your feet which serves as an accelerator. The entire chassis was made of plastic - the seats, steering wheel, t


Simple URLs seem to be rarely used. I recall when I first began to use the internet, and to search for something I would simply type www.[thingthati'mlookingfor].com. The inbuilt problem of this was that more often than not, the relevant site you're looking for has a different format. It could end with .net, .org, or it could be something like , which I never could have guessed was an awesome website for images like this:  Some [noun].coms are useful and straightforward. Clearly they had first dibs at the dawn of the World Wide Web - and get you handy info on cars and hats, respectively. Some are slightly surprising , like , but it still gets you to a solid web page. Me on the other hand? I had first dibs on :-) Alternatively, if you try typing or , then you get - hmm, nowhere interesting. I remember when dead-end UR