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3 Updates You Must Make to Your CV Before Applying

  We have all been there, left with mere hours until the deadline of a job vacancy you just found out about yesterday. Maybe you procrastinated too long like the overconfident hare from the Tortoise and the Hare, maybe you heard about it late.  Whatever the reason, it might be too late to do more than give your  résumé   a once over, however there are 3 updates (verified by human resources professionals) which you absolutely must do to give your application a better chance of being noticed. Or at the very least, you'll remove any major red flags which may reveal that you had to rush the application.  1. Check your grammar and spelling It may sound pretty obvious, but when in a hurry it is surprisingly easy to miss a repeated "the the" or mixing up "there" and "their". You may be the most qualified in your field, but a small grammar mistake or two on your CV may be enough for the HR department at your dream company to disregard the rest of your applicat

Eulogy for Havel Elijah Dambula

I hate it when young people die. I hate it so much. It's like the feeling of your chest getting winded without warning. Having held your breath for some physical feat you are sure is going to pay off incredibly, only to falter without seeing it happen. Potential that is simply... lost. No real understanding why, no one to answer for the unfulfilled promise of a life which once was, and without warning, no longer is. That is bad enough. But when that lost person is a writer… it punches me right where my own worst fears lie. What if we have more stories than years of life to tell them? .... *** I met Havel Elijah Dambula when he submitted a story to a Story Ink Africa storytelling session. I chose his story for similar reasons I chose any other story to be read aloud in front of a live audience. It was written in clear concise language, it followed the guidelines, and it had some element of je na’i c’est quoi about it – something which made it stand out. Havel’s story was abo