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Malawi ebook Launch: Montague's Last

Now Available in Malawi!  Montague is a Chewa slave in a 17th Century French dungeon, seeking redemption for his sins in the last few moments of his life. What he achieves changes the course of history...  Price: K1000 Stories come in all formats, and I believe it is the storytellers duty to make it as easy as possible for the reader to access it. Montague's Last, my ebook is available on , and has earned a 4.5 star rating. However I have met a number of local readers who need an alternative method of accessing the book, considering the limitations Malawians have in the digital marketplace.  So from Friday the 31st of August (yes, the LAST day of the month), you, the Malawian reader, can purchase a password protected pdf copy of Montague's Last by emailing me on:   Request a copy, and I will inform you about the local payment options. As soon as it is confirmed, the ebook is yours for K1000 only . Order yours today!

Call for Writers: April 20th Storytelling Session

April Storytelling Session is accepting admissions now! Every session has been unique, bringing new writers in Malawi into the spotlight. I believe we have achieved our first goal - dispel the myth that there are "no more writers in Malawi" This time we have included writing prompts as a suggestion to spark a new story, but they are just optional. You can interpret them in any way you like! Come and be one of the next group to bring the eager audience into their worlds. Follow the guidelines above and send your story 

Event Announcement: March Storytelling Session in Lilongwe!

So far the Storytelling Sessions have taken place in the industrial city of Blantyre, but we are ready for the Capital City! We've made it!  Jokes aside, we have quite an interesting crop of writers from Lilongwe lined up. We have our youngest writer yet, and a couple of returnees from the January Session - one of whom is based in Lilongwe and took a minibus to Blantyre and back just to attend. He of all people is glad we brought it to his home town this time!  Here is the Line-up: For those who don't yet know what the sessions are about, it's simple. Writers send us a short sample of their fiction, and they read it to an audience who, as it turns out, is starving for local stories. Then there is a Q&A Session where the audience gets to ask the writers anything about their stories. It is a fun intellectual activity for all involved! In between we have little fun extras like the book raffle where winners could walk away with a lovely giveaway.

Event Announcement: February Storytelling Session

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a themed session! February of course has to be themed around matters of the heart. Our writers bring us tales of Love Gained and Love Lost - come and listen to what they have penned down for your entertainment. Things to note: The cost has gone up a little as we have added a few things to enhance the enjoyment of the sessions.  Due to structural changes to the event, we will not have a session in March, so after the next one will be in April. Prospective writers have a little more time to prepare.  Below are some images from the January Session (courtesy of VibesMW ): Me with the prizes for the audience literature quiz Writers Dingaan Mithi and Mthamandeni Chatsala responding to questions about their stories Writers (L to R) Victoria Machilika, Isaac Mafuel, and Dingaan Mithi responding to questions about their stories A captive audience Writer OJ Hara reading his story on the "Golden Cha

Event Announcement: January Storytelling Session

The writers are ready! If you're in Blantyre, Malawi this Friday, check out the January 2018 Storytelling Session. We've got a wide variety of genres, drama, fairytales, superheroes, science fiction, and fantasy.  Malawians are writing, and they want to read their stories to you. See you at 6pm this Friday... Some call them writers... we call them heroes (and princes, queens, assassins, ninjas etc) DIRECTIONS : For those who have not yet been to Jacaranda, here's a map. It is up the road from Blantyre Market