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When Websites Trap You

"Welcome to Our Website!  (You can't leave. Ever.)  Enjoy!" Image: There are countless websites that internet users can benefit from by becoming members. Some of them enable you to work and earn money, others are just for fun, and there's a whole myriad of other types in between. There are of course the most common sites like Facebook , Twitter and Linked In . But once you start wandering into lesser known regions of the world wide web, you may be in for a nasty surprise. I'm referring to sites which have a habit of making it very difficult or impossible to leave once you are registered. If the site ends up being less than what it promised, and you'd like to say "Thanks, but no thanks", they may go right ahead and not let you. The motivation behind this is unclear, but perhaps they want to be able to report that "we have over 100,000 members" without revealing the true story behind the statistics. If they do want committe