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Wastex Africa 2013 Review:

Environmental Entrepreneurship at its Best In case you missed it, the Wastex Africa Convention 2013 (29th - 31st May) was a superb opportunity for learning about what's new, and who's who in the green scene. It took place at the Gallagher Conference Centre in Midrand, South Africa and it drew a good sized crowd. It was well set out, with a long green carpet in the centre representing a major sponsor, Johannesburg City Parks .   "Going green" is officially our generation's tag line, and it's up to us to go beyond the tagline and make it our way of life. Wastex Africa was a wonderful display of how entrepreneurs across a broad range of industries are putting all their efforts into creating a greener tomorrow - and are not going broke doing it... To find out more about some of the companies on show at the expo, simply click on the links. Earth Probiotic Recycling Solutions (Twitter: @earthprobiotic ) I learnt a great deal I didn