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Ordinary Miracles

Photo Courtesy: I hear the hurting ones calling out for proof of God. The sceptics demand that what is not perceived cannot be. Those in denial cite worldly evils as evidence of God's absence. Some would rather have Him not exist than be so cruel. Those are the only two options after all... Right? To all doubters All who are on the fence All who think God is anything other than Love Incarnate I say this: Do you believe in the wind? Of course you do. The weatherman confirms its existence daily. Can you see the wind? Can you hold it? Can it talk to you face to face? No? But you believe. Why? How do you know for a fact that it exists? Because of the effect that it has on whatever it touches. Are we still together? Trees sway Hair is swept about Clothes blown around Windmills can spin a thousand revolutions an hour. Our skin feels it We shield our eyes from it Th

Poetry: Stolen Fathers

  { For all those needing a Daddy } Stolen Fathers Where did the daddies go? We need them. Some are gone forever, taken into the next life. Others are living, walking and breathing, but are hard to find - though never out of mind. Others we see every day, in and out - but their hearts are a million miles away. Others become the source of our darkest moments... the source of our fears. Fathers are missing. We need their presence, their words, and their spirits, to guide us to the right path. We need them to reflect the love of our Almighty Father We need to see them treating our mothers with love and respect So that we can choose future mothers and fathers of our own We need them to tell us we're OK Tell us we are more than OK, that we're special We need their guidance to tell us when we're wrong - as we so often are We need their punishment to understand the consequences of our actions We need their discipline that comes from love