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My Transition to Natural Hair

"Going natural" is really about going back to your roots (heehee). In all seriousness, today a black girl's transition from chemically straightened to natural hair can be controversial, scary - and even political. My own journey has been interesting to say the least... I'll start with my brief hair-story... Before and during adolescence, my hair reflected my state of mind. Like everyone, I was trying to figure out who I was and where I fit in - always perplexed that I was unable to do so. Around 11 years old when I was starting high school, my sister and I begged my mum if we could relax (straighten) our curly hair like all the popular girls, and reluctantly she let us. I still remember going through this strange, smelly, kinda burning chemical process, and for some reason feeling one step closer to "normal" when it was done. I would have endured whatever I needed to if I thought it would mean acceptance! After high school (countless relaxers later),