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The Undiscovered Writings of the Wisdom That Was Chitedze

Gone far too soon.  It seems that when we blink, another great talent disappears forever... Michael Jackson, and more recently Whitney Houston... It's a clear sign that our artists need to be wholly appreciated while they still share this Earth with us. Wisdom Chitedze was a Malawian musician whose talents were truly only just beginning to show their potential before he passed away in late 2011. Thought-provoking songs such as ' Tipewe ' brought him popularity, but what was less publicised was that he was also an extremely gifted writer.   He made many friends in the field of writing; colleagues who recognised the talent he had, and considered him " the most prodigious poet and writer of this generation. ", as well as " a genuine person, of integrity and without artifice ".  ~~~~~~~~ I myself had been looking forward to meeting him, as I am always eager to share experiences with fellow writers, mentors and comrades. At a point in time, it cam