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Published! A Dream Materialised...

My name in print... I reflect on this fact, hardly daring to believe that it has finally happened. Up until now, it's been one of those far away fantasies that begin with "One day..." Even though I know that I put in the research, the typing of each word, the editing, and proofreading by my awesome sister... Even though I know all of this, it's hard to believe that "One Day" has finally become "Today". I sincerely thank the production staff at Cottman McCann for printing my non-fiction article " The Clock Tower, the Gun, and the Boat: A Walk on the History Side of Mangochi " in Ulendo Magazine. I chose to write the piece as an alternative perspective of the Malawian lakeside town called Mangochi. I was fortunate to get an opportunity to spend some time in the area, taking in the sights and having a ton of fun finding stories! Malawi is a beautiful country, and I'm glad that a new corner of my country will be read abou