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My Performance for Voice 2 Act

Acting classes are fun! I recently joined the Voice 2 Act  weekend classes in Johannesburg, where I have been learning a ton about my own acting range and how to expand it. It's a great opportunity to meet actors from different backgrounds and experiences, who all strive towards one goal - to create the best scene possible.  We usually will work on a scene for a month, including character studies, rehearsals and exploring different ways of delivering the lines. Then the best segment of our scene is shot on camera so we can watch ourselves perform.... *gulp*! The first scene I worked on is called "Privacy". It opens on a tabloid journalist who is viciously confronted by a well known actor, regarding a nasty rumour that the actor denies fully. The journalist doesn't back down, and the result is quite an engaging conflict. In this short clip of the scene, I play the journalist: Hopefully you enjoyed that! Your thoughts and constructive feedback are welcome,