The Writer 2016

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I have written about this and that in this blog over the years, and so I've grouped and indexed my posts to make it easier to find what you're looking for.

This page lists all posts about The Writer 2016, a Nigerian-based competition which was open to all Africans. I was the only Malawian finalist out of 11 other Nigerians. I made it through 3 elimination rounds and emerged as 1st Runner up. 

To read the stories I submitted at each stage, click on these links:
Week 1: Romance: The Chief’s Daughter, The Warrior and The Grootslang
Week 2: Political Drama: Blood Feud
Week 3: Speculative Fiction: No Room for The Dead
Week 4: Creative Non-Fiction: Straight Through the Heart

Below are links to blog posts which describe my exciting 4 week journey:

The Writer Competition 2016: I'm a Finalist!

The Writer 2016 Week 1: Romance

The Writer 2016 Week 2: Political Drama

The Writer 2016 Week 3: Speculative Fiction

The Writer 2016 Week 4: Creative Non-Fiction


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