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Women in (So-Called) Male Careers

My line of work is Environmental Auditing, which often takes me to construction sites in Gauteng. These sites are dusty, hot, and dangerous. Physically gruelling work has traditionally been only for men, and even today it is still dominated by males. However, now more women than ever before are taking up jobs in these types of industries. Women are engineers, safety officers, quantity surveyors, construction workers, and miners. Equity laws have made this possible, but it also shows a drive and capability of women to play key roles in services that a country cannot do without. And they get things done while still maintaining their female identity. I met a lady who wore overalls and hard safety boots, but her perfume scent wafted gently from her, through the baking heat and dust. Sadly, challenges still arise for women in these industries. While on the whole, the male perspective is shifting, with many men giving proper respect to women they work with, there is always a mal

Wastex Africa 2013 Review:

Environmental Entrepreneurship at its Best In case you missed it, the Wastex Africa Convention 2013 (29th - 31st May) was a superb opportunity for learning about what's new, and who's who in the green scene. It took place at the Gallagher Conference Centre in Midrand, South Africa and it drew a good sized crowd. It was well set out, with a long green carpet in the centre representing a major sponsor, Johannesburg City Parks .   "Going green" is officially our generation's tag line, and it's up to us to go beyond the tagline and make it our way of life. Wastex Africa was a wonderful display of how entrepreneurs across a broad range of industries are putting all their efforts into creating a greener tomorrow - and are not going broke doing it... To find out more about some of the companies on show at the expo, simply click on the links. Earth Probiotic Recycling Solutions (Twitter: @earthprobiotic ) I learnt a great deal I didn

Young Justice: More Than Just a Cancelled Kid's Show

If you're familiar with DC Comics, you'll know it's the birthplace of some of the most world famous longest running comic book heroes in the world. Superman and Batman are the most well known, but there are many others that have thrived in the comic book world. My access to comic books has been more limited than I would have liked, but I think this was a good thing because I approached the series Young Justice with fresh eyes and no expectations. My conclusion? It's a brilliant show! Although it was aired on Cartoon Network for 2 seasons before it was abruptly cancelled (for reasons unclear to anyone), it was a layered animated series, with nuances at many levels - a factor that appealed to a much older audience than the usual CN target age group. Premise The Justice League is a group of the greatest heroes in the DC Universe, the main ones being Batman and Superman, but also including Aquaman, The Flash, Martian Man Hunter, Green Arrow, and more. Yo

A Book Review For Movie Watchers: Leopard Rock

Hey there. Yes, you with the remote control. Care to put that down for a moment? Just for a moment, I promise... there you go, that wasn't so bad. So, question: when was the last time you got truly lost in a good book? If you can't remember, then this is the post for you! If you're reading a good book now, then you can help me out here.  Let's face it, movies are becoming visual bubblegum. There seem to be more releases every year than ever before, but so many of them are sequels (how much Faster and Furiouser must we get??), or ideas that used to be unique but have been hashed and rehashed, until they lack the "something special" that the original versions used to have. I would even be so bold to say that many of the few good movies that have been released lately have come from....books.  I myself have been guilty of neglecting my passion for reading in favour of watching TV. But I've decided to actively add more books to my leisure time so that