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International Writers Workshop in Malawi

Left to Right: Pius Nyondo, Me, Tiseke Chilima, and Hagai Magai I had the great honour of participating in my first ever writing workshop, and it was nothing short of mind blowing! It was a thrilling union of seasoned published authors from Africa and beyond, and 10 young, unpublished but enthusiastic, Malawian writers from different backgrounds. Being one of the second group, I valued the unique opportunity to pick the brains of those who have walked the path that I am working towards reaching one day. That path leads to the out of world experience I’ve pictured countless times – holding a printed and bound novel in my hands with my name on it. Opportunities like these aren’t common enough in Malawi, and I commend Shadreck Chikoti and Trine Andersen for initiating such a project, that I pray is the beginning of even more activities which nurture the nation’s writing industry. It was well organised, enjoyed by all involved, and taken as seriously as it needed to be in order