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The Products Behind the Styles

I've had a few requests to share info on the products I use on my hair to achieve the looks I have tried. I am no expert yet, and a lot of it is trial and error. I learnt that there is no "magical" one-size-fits-all product combination, but you have to try and find the ones that match your hair. And because there is no manual, trial and error is the only way! It obviously also depends on availability of the products in your area, and your personal preferences. That said, if you think your hair texture is similar to mine, then maybe you are more likely to find your "hair match" products amongst the ones I have begun to trust. These are all available in South Africa: From Left to Right: Olive Miracle Anti-Breakage Creme - I find this so amazing for instant softening for pain-free combing. I use it as often as I need to, and also apply it before I condition with oils. Sof'n'free Styling Gel - I applied it to my hair (in additio

Natural Hair Update

It's been quite awhile since my first post about my   transition to natural hair . Since then my hair has grown quite a bit, but then I had to cut it again for reasons I'll explain later... But before I do, I'd like to review my progress since the Big Chop, and the lessons I've learnt on the way. I tend to alternate my hair styles between braiding and free afro, depending on the seasons and my moods. Bantu Knots I'm a real fan of this style. I was lucky enough to find a hair dresser in my area who can do pretty much any style that I describe or find a picture of. I asked Hilda to mix cornrows and bantu knots and I loved the results! Twists and Cornrows This style was done by two strand twists in the front section, and cornrows on the rest of the hair. I liked it, but wanted my twists to be longer. Oh, the patience!  Wool Braids Wool (or yarn) was braided into my hair, and the ends were burnt to seal them. I liked the look, and