Published Works

I write fiction short stories and non-fiction articles. My fiction is primarily speculative fiction, especially fantasy and science fiction.

My non-fiction work has been for tourism magazines, theatre industry, and budding local businesses. 

If you would like to hire me to create content for your publication, fill out the Contact Form to the right. The clickable links below will send you to the writing which is available to read online.



"Domino Effect" - for 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence on Facebook (December 2019)
Synopsis: An emotionally abusive boyfriend has his own source of abuse as the cycle continues...

"Undying Love" - Omenana (2017)
Synopsis: A malevolent spirit possesses a man, causing a rift between him and the love of his life. Can they overcome it?

"Montague's Last: A Short Story"  - (2016)
Synopsis: An 18th Century Chewa slave who happens to be an evil genius, spends his dying breath creating an invention that will change the world forever.

In Malawi, Montague's Last is also available in encrypted pdf. Contact the author on

"The Grootslang" (reprint) - Tiyende Magazine (2016)
Synopsis: A warrior in love must brave the ancient monsters of Mount Mulanje in order to rescue his true love

"No Room for the Dead" - The Writer 2016
Synopsis: In the future, a Malawian college student helps his family to get away with the high treason crime of burying instead of recycling their grandfather.

"Blood Feud" - The Writer 2016
Synopsis: She is a newspaper editor intent on exposing the truth, he is the corrupt leader of an African country. Will the secrets linking their pasts remain hidden?

"The Chief's Daughter, The Warrior, and The Grootslang" - The Writer 2016
Synopsis: A warrior in love must brave the ancient monsters of Mount Mulanje in order to rescue his true love

"Behind the Story: Montague's Last" - My blog (2016)
Read the writer's perspective about what went into writing the critically acclaimed short story.

"The Elephant in the Room" - My blog (2015)
Synopsis:A Malawian college student in Cape Town seeks work as a waiter in a land through a portal to an alternate dimension. He learns it is very different from waiting tables on Earth, and gets a rather unpleasant surprise too. 

"The Blue Ball" (flash fiction) - My Blog
Synopsis: A young alien is fascinated by a certain blue planet...

"The Speech" - Wealth Magazine
Synopsis: A middle manager at a bank learns the true meaning of loyalty as an employee.

"The Potential of Power" - Wealth Magazine
Synopsis: A close look at the everyday lives of hardworking Malawians, and how electricity can impact them.

"Her Money Grows on Trees" - Wealth Magazine
Synopsis: An entrepreneur discovers green business and catapults herself out of her desperate situation to unprecedented heights of success.


"Straight Through The Heart" - The Writer 2016
The true story of my life-saving childhood operation

"The Clock Tower, The Gun, and The Boat: A Walk on the History Side of Mangochi" - Ulendo Magazine
About a little-known historical museum in a Malawian town better known for its beaches.

"Theatre and Malawi" - Be my Guest Magazine
An overview of the past, present and future of local stage theatre

"The Most Common Profession During the Recession" - My blog
Sarcastic, honest, satirical. Job hunting was a time of more lows than highs

"The Wonders of Sparadise" - OG Magazine
About a budding spa business started by a young Malawian woman who studied both business and beauty treatments




African Nature Futures Project: University of Stockholm & University of Witswatersrand (2022-2023): co-writing a compilation of 3 short stories based on the visions of the future of the Ngoni peoples of Northern Malawi 

Story Ink Africa Storytelling Sessions (2017-2019): Hosted monthly storytelling sessions in Blantyre and Lilongwe, creating a space for young talented writers to read their stories to a live audience. 


Awards and Recognition

Undying Love: Short Story Long List Nomination: African Speculative Fiction Society (ASFS) Nommo Awards (2018)

2nd Prize: The Writer Competition by The Naked Convos (2016)


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