Green Words: Poetry for The Environment

There are times in life when one has the opportunity to be a part of something greater than oneself, and it just feels awesome. I was invited to perform at British Council's Go Green Malawi awareness event,  a gathering of artists from all mediums, adding their voices, paintbrushes and movements to one cause... climate change. It is a phenomenon which many of us may be aware of, but there are many more that are not fully awakened to the effects of it. 

I was lucky enough to be given the freedom to come up with whatever I wanted to, as long as it was no more than 3 minutes long. I decided to write and perform a piece of poetry entitled "environMEnt". It expresses the reason why I choose to study the environment in the first place. 

Here is the video - somewhat fuzzy unfortunately, but at least the audio is alright.

Note: the first line was not filmed in time so it seems like it starts in the middle. The poem begins - "I woke up one day and realised, you can't spell 'environment'"

Plus, here is the vote of thanks by the head of the British Council in Malawi, Mr Julian Baker

Feel free to add your thoughts to this! Other than my poem, the event included a model catwalk of Lily Alfonso's Eco Couture design range, featuring clothing made from recycled materials, an interpretive dance piece, a display of environmentally conscious computers, and a series of go green themed paintings.
Find out more about the Go Green campaign headed by Q Malewezi here, including the collaborative video by Malawian music artists from all genres, entitled "Make a Change".

Let's all Go Green, Malawi!



  1. Wonderful performance. The concept was a clever one- you can't spell environment without me. I wish that that phrase had been repeated a few times just to push the point home but hey... I also thought that it could have been a bit more dramatic with the gestures. Besides that, it was clear, unrushed and beautifully executed.

    On to the next one...

  2. Thanks T! I wish the first line was recorded, the emphasis was all there! My movements were centred around the microphone, so perhaps I was being a bit cautious...

    Thanks for the tips!

  3. You're very welcome.


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