The Writer 2016 Week 3: Speculative Fiction

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Speculative Fiction is a little bit of an insider term - it really just means anything that is not possible in the realm of reality. Horror, SciFi, Fantasy, wherever the writer's mind can go to morph reality. I liked that we were given a choice, although it made me worry about Week 4, should I make it through. What genre on Earth will there be left to write if they are all compounded into Week 3? But I had to worry about the present first.

So, spec. fic. is my bread and butter, it is what I have breathed, read, and written since I was a child. Which is why there was in increased pressure to create something good!

Aside from the competition, my writing life is focused on drafting my first full length novel, which happens to be science fiction. I suppose it fits into the Afrofuturism movement, since it is based in Malawi. Since this future version of the world has been filling my brain, I decided to tap from that raw material and tease out a compacted short story using the same characters and concepts. So this entry was different since it is not just a stand-alone story, but a sneak peek into the world of the novel I'm writing. 

Read my science fiction story "No Room for the Dead", about a Malawian university student who has lost his grandfather in a world which values techno-environmentalism over cultural dignity. 

NEXT: Week 4: Creative Non-Fiction

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