Meeting Kansiime Anne!

When a writer meets a comedian...

Kansiime Anne came to Malawi again! Anyone who doesn't yet know this Ugandan comedy force of nature needs to catch up and fast. She is best known for her online skits, portraying the crazy sides of Ugandan life, but which all Africans and beyond can laugh at. Tickets were quickly sold out for the occasion. 

The show opened with Malawian and Ugandan acts, including great comedians and a dance group. Kansiime's jokes gave us some insight into what it was like growing up, including a funny story about shopping with her mother. "I didn't look at the products, I scanned with my hand while looking at my Mum's face. I only picked a product when she wasn't frowning!" It was so much funnier watching her act it out!

As a special treat she  sang a song about her home town and ended it with a vigorous dance. She's multi talented, and if she makes an album I would be there like:

Kansiime Anne is also an ambassador for Save The Children, and during the show we got to see a video of a visit she made to a girls school here in Malawi, despite the short time she was in the country. She gave them a beautiful blend of inspiration and humour, dancing like there was no tomorrow, and the students couldn't help but join her!

My outfit was made by Blantyre-based tailor Fuka Madinga-Mpando

The stage was beautifully designed with large towering prints of Kansiime's many looks. Of course getting a photo with the comedian herself was much better!

My friends and I were invited to the private lounge where Kansiime and her entourage were hanging out. She immediately told me she'd been hearing about my second prize win in The Writer competition! 

She told me she likes my skirt, and I said "Thank you" but I learnt that is the wrong answer in Uganda. She taught me that the appropriate answer when someone compliments something of yours is "You can have it!" 

I asked for one last photo and apparently she believes writing is best rewarded with a kiss! She's awesome.

When I gave her my card, she said "Great! I can stalk you." So Kansiime Anne, if you are stalking now, thank you for the opportunity to meet you, and I hope you enjoy reading my stories. I'm just getting started, women artists like you inspire me to do more and more. 

For every Anne Kansiime, there are many more artists in Africa who think they're not good enough to show the world what they are made of, especially girls. To them I say, We can do it! You officially have permission to step into your vision. 


  1. Beautiful commentary Ekari! Kansiime will simply love you for it! Great to see you two great artists bonding. You both are an inspiration to all girls especially our African girls. Keep it up!

  2. Love it!! I saw her last time she came to Malawi and her performance was amazing. If i was in the country would definitely have gone again!!


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