Undying Love: My Latest Short Story

"Undying Love" Artwork by Olisa Onwualu

So, a second story of mine has been selected for publication on Omenana, my favourite Nigerian speculative fiction online magazine! Titled "Undying Love", it tells the tale of two young lovers based in Johannesburg who find themselves affronted by a unique trial... a malevolent spirit possesses him, and becomes a direct threat to her safety.

Omenana hires their own artist to read through submissions and create an image that the artist believes best fits each story. I am extremely happy with this artwork, and how the artist interpreted the pivotal scene of the story. It enhances the story for the reader, helping the visualisation of the story in the theatre of the mind...

Or maybe you can decide for yourself on Omenana.com. Enjoy, share, review!

UPDATE: If you would like to read a quick paragraph review before digging into it, see this one by Charles Payseur: Quick Sips - Omenana #10


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