Storytelling Session is Open for Submissions!

In November I got together with a few writerly friends to read short samples of the fiction we had written at Jacaranda Cultural Centre in Mandala, the last neighbourhood before getting into the busiest part of town. I thought it would be a chill evening with a couple of Blantyre's book fans... what I did not expect was a full house, intense enthusiasm and excitement, and a sparked hunger for more!

No fewer than 3 unrelated people asked me when the next event would be, while budding writers and avid audience members filled up the attendance sheet. Turns out Blantyre needs stories... 

So, as promised, we got back to the drawing board and schemed and planned until we could plan and scheme no more... We have settled on the evening of the 19th of January 2018 for the next session, and aim to host it every month on a Friday.

For writers who are interested in attending the next or future events, please send your submissions to or just email to be added to the mailing list. We want them to know you exist and are writing!

For readers who want more local flavour, book the slot on your social calendar (official flyer soon to come), invite a friend, and listen to some juicy fiction in any genre you can think of. If you enjoy Wednesday Poetry Nights at Kwa Haraba, you'll love the Storytelling Sessions.

For local publishers looking for new talent, these Sessions are becoming ripe for harvesting up and coming Malawian writers. 

Submission guidelines below:
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