Event Announcement: February Storytelling Session

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a themed session! February of course has to be themed around matters of the heart. Our writers bring us tales of Love Gained and Love Lost - come and listen to what they have penned down for your entertainment.

Things to note:
  • The cost has gone up a little as we have added a few things to enhance the enjoyment of the sessions. 
  • Due to structural changes to the event, we will not have a session in March, so after the next one will be in April. Prospective writers have a little more time to prepare. 

Below are some images from the January Session (courtesy of VibesMW):

Me with the prizes for the audience literature quiz

Writers Dingaan Mithi and Mthamandeni Chatsala
responding to questions about their stories

Writers (L to R) Victoria Machilika, Isaac Mafuel,
and Dingaan Mithi responding to questions about their stories

A captive audience

Writer OJ Hara reading his story on the "Golden Chair of Truth"

Co-organiser and writer Wonawaka Gondwe


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