Malawi ebook Launch: Montague's Last

Now Available in Malawi! 
Montague is a Chewa slave in a 17th Century French dungeon,
seeking redemption for his sins in the last few moments of his life.
What he achieves changes the course of history... 
Price: K1000

Stories come in all formats, and I believe it is the storytellers duty to make it as easy as possible for the reader to access it.

Montague's Last, my ebook is available on, and has earned a 4.5 star rating. However I have met a number of local readers who need an alternative method of accessing the book, considering the limitations Malawians have in the digital marketplace. 

So from Friday the 31st of August (yes, the LAST day of the month), you, the Malawian reader, can purchase a password protected pdf copy of Montague's Last by emailing me on:

Request a copy, and I will inform you about the local payment options. As soon as it is confirmed, the ebook is yours for K1000 only. Order yours today!

Find out more straight from the author - me!

What others have said about Montague's Last:

"An engaging and unique tale" - Milton Davis (Author of Amber & The Hidden City)

"Beautiful sentences visual and haunting" - reviewer

"The descriptions of Montague at work do a great job of showing us how difficult it is and how much it takes out of him." -

"This is a rather dark tale about guilt and about trying to atone for sins committed in folly.... There is a great twist in the story" -

A special request: kindly assist in protecting the ebook from illegal distribution by keeping the password secret ;-) The Malawian fiction market is in its infancy, and if you take the milk from the baby it won't grow. Help us be able to bring you better and better books! 


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