Description Practice: Aerial View of Blantyre City

A couple of weeks ago, I did an exercise to practice my description writing skills in a post called Practice Writing Descriptions for Fiction. In that post, I described a beach at Nkhata Bay, and today I will be describing an urban setting in this post, specifically the city of Blantyre from an aerial perspective...

From Splash Restaurant at Amaryllis Hotel 

Seated on the brightly coloured cozy deck furniture, there is a sense of serenity, like you're floating above the city. There's at least a 200 degree view of the heart of the banking district, all the multiple storied buildings are in this span of land. You can see how the city is in a wide bowl, whose edges are the mountains and hills on the horizon. They sit like silent guardians surrounding the citizens. Grey clouds roll over lazily, refusing to commit to either raining or not.

The balcony itself has a pool which wraps itself around the corner of the building. If you take a dip in the pool, it would feel like the edge of the water meets the horizon... an infinity pool. The fast food restaurant has a fun, bright colour scheme, designed to be child friendly, but not so much that adults feel out of place. The child-friendly design extends to the menu, with a non-alcoholic menu, complete with a list for "mocktails".

Over the glass and metal banister is a direct drop to the balcony of the bar on the lower level, where patrons go when they want a sip or two of something stronger. Looking a little closer out onto the city, you notice cars going up one of the one-way streets, and down another. 

Considering the height, its surprising that there isn't much wind up here, just a mild breeze, which smells green - like it comes straight from the mountains across, bypassing the exhaust fumes of the city below it. You are in the city, but above it, seeing how all the pieces come together as each of the little lives below are absorbed with their own problems, hardly any of them aware of their part in the whole. You pay for your meal, and return downstairs, to become another self-absorbed piece of the whole. 


Here's an image to inspire you! This was taken at Gelato's outside the bakery. Someone makes sure there are fresh flower arrangements in the bowl of water outside the door. What does it inspire you to write?

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