I've Been Nominated for a Nommo Award!

It's nomination season once again! The African Speculative Fiction Society (ASFS) has been operating since 2017, when it created the esteemed Nommo Awards, recognizing contributions by African writers in the genres of science fiction, fantasy, horror, and magical realism. The categories are:

Short Story
Graphic Novel

First, works are nominated for the long list, then there are 2 rounds of voting for the short list and winners respectively. 

Well, my short story (flash fiction really) made it to the long list for 2020! It is titled The Blue Ball, and I wrote it in response to a word prompt challenge. I had never written flash fiction before, which is a story that is approximately the length of a page at most. The story could have gone in any direction, any genre or topic, but the title had to be "The Blue Ball". I took a science fiction approach to it, since it's one of my favourite genres.

Give it a read, and check out the other stories and novels on the list too! If you are African in nationality or residency, join the ASFS and vote for stories to make it to the shortlist. African writers and artists are expanding our imagination, and the Nommo Awards is the best place to start discovering these wonderful stories. 


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