The Writer Competition 2016: I'm a Finalist!

I love new challenges!  I get the chance to push myself, stretch my abilities and grow as a writer. I'm really excited to be selected as one of the 12 finalists on Season 4 of The Writer, an African reality-show styled online competition run by The Naked Convos (Nigeria based webzine). It is taking place over 4 weeks starting from the 12th of May. There were over 3000 submissions, so doing the maths, that's a 4 in 1000 chance of making it to the top twelve. I'm already deeply honoured by this opportunity.

Each week, THREE writers will be eliminated from the pool until finally there are only three remaining to compete for 1st 2nd, and 3rd prize. It's going to be a thrill ride which I almost wish I was merely watching because yikes, the stakes! Heart medication close at hand...

I'm going to be the only Malawian participating, so no pressure at all to represent Sub-Saharan Africa haha. I'm nervous, but more excited, because I get to be tested in a skill I have confidence in, and love very much. I love it so much, even if I'm eliminated in Round 1, I'll feel like I've already won valuable experience. 

But, you know... cash won't hurt either.

Rules, details, everything you need to know will be posted on The Writer website. Read all the stories as they come, and VOTE! Rather than tell you to vote for me though, I'll let my stories speak for themselves. Whoever you choose, remember you're boosting an up and coming African creative writer, and proving that we don't have to go overseas for our work to be read. 

About the story which earned me that 4 in 1000 shot... read it here: The Blue Ball 

NEXT: The Writer Week 1: Romance

UPDATE: My Writer profile is up! Click here to learn more about me as a writer.

👉 ALSO: Visit my Bibliography page for a full list of my fiction👈


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