The Writer 2016 Week 1: Romance!

So, romance is not easy y'all. Translating the feeling of love into words that is supposed to again translate themselves into the reader's feelings? Yikes, I must say. Soooo much opportunity for corniness haha. 

But I've given it my best shot! I had been brainstorming for awhile before I typed a single word, until I had a breakthrough at something like 2am. It was this strong feeling which overwhelmed me, and brought me to (happy) tears, and I knew I had something I could work with. 

All the other story elements, plot, character, setting etc, were dressing which provided the framework for this emotion to come through. See if you can spot where that moment is... read my first swing of the bat: 

The Chief's Daughter, The Warrior and the Grootslang. It's a story of survival on Mulanje Mountain [Link] and tribal prejudice, overcome by love. If you like it, vote. If you really like it, tell a friends to vote. If you love it, shout about it to your friends and family! 

Since 3 writers will be eliminated on Thursday the 19th of May, I have a 1 in 4 chance of ending up with my head on the chopping block, but don't let that cloud your judgement hehe! :-P *nervous sweats*

Meantime, I've got to focus on the next challenge... If you like my first story, tell me in the comment section! If you didn't, please wait until the competition is over to tell me, I still need my mojo intact.

NEXT: Week 2: Political Drama


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