The Writer 2016 Week 2: Political Drama

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Creative burnout is a real thing. I realised this is the first time I have had to create a new story so soon after finishing one. Usually I have time to rest mentally, bask, absorb other stories through reading or TV... But this time I had to keep going when the creative well was all but dried up. I had a bit of a panic session as the deadline drew closer, but got it done in the end!

Right, so political drama was a challenge for different reasons than romance. I generally keep political views to myself, and I realised that this week's challenge would mean putting an end to that. So it took me awhile to merely gain the courage to show up at the page, and then awhile longer to figure out exactly what to write. 

When I finally arrived at my story's core conflict, I wanted to design characters which had symbolic significance. "Mvula" means "rain" and "Makala" means "coal". This described the nature of my two opposing characters, one who cleanses and rejuvinates, and the other who embraces darkness and power. "Blood Feud" is a story about standing for something worth fighting for, despite the odds. Click on the link, read and vote!

(In case you missed Week 1's Romance themed story, read it here: The Chief's Daughter, The Warrior and the Grootslang)

NEXT: Week 3: Speculative Fiction

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